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A passion for cycling

Tour de France 2009

What a tour for British supporters. Alison and I watched the Annecy Time Trial stage and the picture attached is of Wiggo at speed. He was the fastet rider at this point, half way arround the circuit. Brian & Alison

Peak District 14th-16th August

PLEASE NOTE THIS EVENT WILL BE POSTPONED THIS WEEKEND, AN ALTERNATE DATE WILL BE POSTED IN DUE COURSE – APOLOGIES FOR THIS LAST MINUTE CANCELLATION! It is due to Stu having a ‘Gravitas’ moment on Tuesday night ¬†while biking on the Ridgeway and he is now off games! Andrew Darby will guide routes in the…
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Glyncorrwg 18-19th

Afan trip is nearly upon us..

Mountain bike ride Sunday 5th July

Hi Guys Just to enquire who is riding this Sunday? The Gretton boys( JT and Simon S) are away camping together… I would suggest those wanting to ride meet in Winchcombe this Sunday. I will be riding with Rob who is up from London, joined hopefully by two friends Lee and Alan, who some of…
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Marin Rough Ride 2009

The Marin Rough ride was well attended this year with a few new faces joining the ranks. Eleven of us camped over night enjoying a bbq and vino before tackling the two courses on offer the next morning, short 48km or the long 75km. The terrain made for a very tough event and luckily the…
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Long Mynd April 2009

Long Mynd… What a superb day.. a pity more of the gang could not make it.

HONC 2009

Club members complete the HONC ¬†2009, smashing last years record time of 11 hours. The WAGs were keen to celebrate this fact…

South Downs – Arundel March 2009

South Downs Way.. Sun, sea and Hills!

Lemming Trail 100 miles South Downs

Trail Break ‘Lemming Trail’ Classic all day riding on the South down’s Way