Winchcombe Cycling Club is offering free drinks and nibbles to all members on Sunday 22 April at 1pm in the Garden Room of the White Hart as a mild inducement to attend the AGM.

The timing allows members to have returned from the morning’s group rides – unless you get lost! The format will be such that we aim to finish all business in less than an hour, with the emphasis being on getting members’ ideas on future plans for club activities.

The minutes of last year’s AGM and the agenda for this year’s meeting have been emailed to all club members.

Please could you email David Thomas to let him know whether you will be attending so we can confirm numbers to the White Hart.

Under our constitution three committee members are due to stand down this year, and are available for re-election should they wish to stand:

John Taylor has decided not to seek re-election as Chair. The directors have approached Gerard McHugh to succeed John, and he has agreed, subject to approval by members at the AGM. If there are any other candidates seeking to fill this post, please David Thomas know.

Jim Davies is willing to serve a further term as the member responsible for External Communications and will seek re-election. Once again, if there are any other candidates seeking to fill this post, please let me know.

Angie Appleton has decided not to seek re-election as the member responsible for the Ladies Section. The role of the Ladies Section will be discussed at a Committee meeting on 12 April, following which a candidate to fill this role may or may not be sought. If you have any views on this prior to the Committee meeting please let David know.

Assuming Gerard is elected Chair the position of Membership Secretary will become vacant. Carole Ward has kindly agreed to take on this role and will be up for election. However, if you have a burning desire to seek election for it, then please also let me know!

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the 22nd.