Dear All,

As a result of further tightening of Covid restrictions, we have had to review our guidelines for club road rides, please read them here.

The main points of difference being –

  • Ensure that meeting points and planned stop points are sufficiently large to allow for adequate social distancing and separation between groups.


  • Groups must be limited to six people, with time separation of at least 5 minutes between groups on the same route, fastest groups first. These groups must stay apart at the start, at coffee stops and at any meeting point at the end of the ride.


  • Groups should avoid overtaking each other. If a rider in the front group has a mechanical and other groups pass, the front group should not attempt to repass the slower group.

Please remember we are quite high profile in our club jerseys and easy to identify.  For the reputation of the club and cycling in general we kindly ask you to help by adhering with these new guidelines.

Given the ever changing situation and challenges we face at the moment, routes are liable to be changed at short notice (this Sunday we are now riding to Clives Fruit Farm)– up to date details will be sent out weekly on the road whatsapp group. If you haven’t already joined please email Jennie at with your name and mobile number.

Finally, it’s possible we may find ourselves with long waits at certain cafes depending on how they are choosing to operate, it is advisable to bring something to eat each week should we choose not to wait, along with a face mask.



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