Winchcombe Cycling Club – Under 18 Policy

(This policy applies also to vulnerable adults, for whom the policies applying to Juniors
Under 16 apply)
1. A parent / guardian consent form will need to be signed in advance of all riders under
18 partaking in any club ride. Children under 12 may not partake in club rides.
2. A parent / guardian will need to contact the club and discuss attending a ride with one
of the Welfare Officers in advance of the first club ride (
3. No rider under 16 without a parent / guardian present will be allowed on the ride,
unless a club member, known to the parent / guardian, is prepared to accept parent /
guardian responsibility and be a ride partner. The ride partner must be over the age of 18.
4. Any rider under the age of 18 who turns up to a club run without a parent / guardian or
without prior arrangements having been made, will not be allowed to ride.
5. All riders aged under 18 must have a mobile phone. The parent / guardian must be
contactable during the ride duration and available to collect the rider.
6. All riders aged under 18 must be able to change a puncture and always have the basic
tool set (i.e. puncture repair kit / inner tube / pump / tyre levers).
7. All riders aged under 18 must take the required food and drink for the ride and would
likely need some money for a café stop.
8. All riders aged under 18 must be of a level of fitness where they are able to complete a
ride of the duration, difficulty and speed of the route planned for the day.
9. Parent / guardians of and riders under 18 must accept that they are entering an
unstructured adult environment where coarse language and jokes might be used.
10. Parent / guardians of the riders aged 16-17 will need to understand that if the rider is
unable to continue with the ride for whatever reason, the group will take reasonable
consideration to see the rider is able to make their way home safely but they should be
comfortable taking responsibility for themselves.
11. Parent / guardians of and riders aged 16-17 must accept that whilst on a club run
everyone including the ride guide (who is not responsible for the ride and is just a guide)
endeavours that no one is left behind and is safely accounted for but riders do
occasionally get left behind unintentionally during the ride. The rider is therefore
expected to be comfortable taking responsibility for him/herself or be able to contact their
parent/guardian by mobile phone.